There is high demand for cold-chain infrastructures to keep vaccines from overheating and becoming unusable. As some of Myanmar’s locations are too remote to have normal refrigeration techniques, Dulas, a British solar refrigeration manufacturer has created a solution that uses off-grid, energy efficient technology using a renewable energy source. The company has supplied Myanmar with 25 VC200 SDD solar powered vaccine refrigerators that will in the long run, save children’s lives and protect the health of citizens. (Medical Design & Outsourcing – 8 September 2017)

PTTEP Myanmar Asset has said that the firm will provide US$380,000 (K508.87 million) to support the development of Myanmar’s technical workers under the second phase of the technical capacity-building and development programme of the Labour, Immigration and Population Ministry, which will run through 2022. The fund is a financial support for the assessment fees of 1500 trainees taking the training courses. The first phase gave over 763 Myanmar workers the chance to take 25 training courses in skills such as air conditioning unit installation and repair, and electrical work. (Myanmar Times – 27 February 2018)